Anonymous asked:
Okay, I'm pretty sure youve probably heard of this, but I just want your opinion. A lot of people are giving up on O2L because they think that they dont care about the fans... I disagree, but all I see are comments on "You guys dont even care." and "stop faking"... Do you think that they actually only care about Fame?

I believe that they are very much more into their fans than the fame. I’m not sure how they will handle fame in the future, but I hope they don’t get too caught up in it. As they grow, then of course there will be more haters coming in and trying to discourage them. It happens with anyone that is popular or famous. O2L are some of the sweetest youtubers (in my opinion) that there are. I strongly believe that they will never ignore the fans or stop caring about them completely. The most that might happen is that they get discouraged by the haters, or they will try to grow their fanbase (which I think everyone wants). I wouldn’t worry about it though, there will always be people that don’t like something <3

P.S. sorry this is so long lol

tasnimabuain asked:
Would u do a collab with me I've been a youtuber for 2 years now would ya?

sorry, I’m not connor… <3

elsaofarendelle0 asked:
So I just came across your blog yesterday and i already fucking love it! Connor is just so amazing (by the way, im a guy. Don't judge me, ya little judgers cx)

Awe, thank-you so much!!! and I won’t judge XD <3

Anonymous asked:
How old is Connor right now..?

21, his b-day is September 12 <3

youcancallme-green-bean asked:
Does Connor, too, make you feel all bubbly inside. Then he makes you wanna cry bc you're like 8273 years younger than him and will never get a chance with him. And all you want to do is hug him and pick out his outfits and oh my god help

OMG!! Yes!! Who will help us?!?!

frantasticlouds asked:
I just found your blog it's awesome! I forgot my password when I logged out... So I started a new one... Do you have any tips for a new account? I could use the help!

Thanks! Just to be creative and post your own posts with tags, also it never hurts to be friendly and just be yourself <3

imsofrantastic145 asked:
If you could date any celebrity who and why

It would probably be Josh Divine, because I’d get to know One Direction and be with them a lot without all the hate their gf’s get, also have you seen him!!! Lol

Anonymous asked:
Your amazing!

Awe thank-you so much!! love you anon