Anonymous asked:
sorry lol correction: connor NEVER left o2l. he stopped making videos on the collab channel, but never left. (:

Haha I like the way you think! I agree lol <3

Anonymous asked:
Is it okay that I only like Kian and Connor from o2l or?

You can like whoever you want, but to be an o2l fan, I think you should like everyone in o2l. Also, Connor isn’t in o2l anymore… 

Anonymous asked:
Is kian Chinese?

ummm no…

itsjustmesapphire asked:
Follow me please?

followed! <3

faithhojianying asked:
Why some people have tons of followers and some people have none even though they post everyday? How do have more followers?

ummmm what?

rochetty asked:
If you could meet Connor what would you say ?

I have no idea, I’d be fangirling so much internally <3

idkimmagirl asked:
What's up with all the "we support you Connor" I don't see that with cameron or Matt or anyone else? Sorry I'm just confused

Connor has been struggling to keep up with everything in his life and hasn’t been very happy, so he recently left o2l. He hoped that his fans didn’t get mad at him for quiting so we are all just trying to show our support. <3

rochetty asked:
How did you find out about o2l ?

I was just looking for more youtubers to subscribe to. <3

openmindxopenears asked:
Hi there💕 I know this isn't Con related buuuut.. I'm fairly new to tumblr and am just trying to get my blog out there to people who are in need of someone to talk to. It isn't of great importance to me if you or anyone else follows me back, however I just want to help whoever I can. With that said, if you could please share this with your followers it would be greatly appreciated. If you don't wish to, you don't have to. Regardless, have a lovely day xx

That is awesome!! We could use more people like you in this world! Everyone should go check out your account <3