Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been so busy with school and guard. But now it’s a 3 day weekend! Yay!!! I’m gonna try to catch up on posts a bit this weekend… Thanks for sticking with me!!! <3333

P.S. I’m thinking of posting some gifs… Would anyone want that?

emilybiddy asked:
Whose your favorite YouTuber besides Connor?

Besides Connor and O2l, it would have to be Pewdiepie <3

lovingtroylerthings asked:
I have an important update about Project Cheer Up Connor. The video was nearly finished and it was set to go live on August 13th which is in about a week. Last night, my laptop broke and I lost everything. Unfortunately I have no other way of making the video therefore I am going to have to cancel the project. I am unable to get a new laptop until December and I will only have my phone. I have all the names of people who sent in photos and I am contacting everyone personally to apologize.

That’s fine, I’m so sorry to hear about that. 

Anonymous asked:
this sounds really rude but if people think your blog is actually connor it honestly makes me laugh whenever they ask you for follows/notices. i mean, if you want connor to notice you cause your a fan, you should at least know his real tumblr haha {sorry this was kinda rude..}

You’re fine, I understand. Everyone was a new fan at one time though, so you just gotta lead them the right way , or the wrong way and laugh at them <3

xxsanchezxx asked:
hey What's up???

Hey, just chillin, u?

casparnipple asked:
If you could meet only one o2l boy who would it be? Why? (And including Connor)

I have no idea, I just wanna meet all of them and hang out with them all day. <3

Anonymous asked:
How often do you use your tumblr?

Whenever I have free time. I’ve been really busy recently, so I havn’t been able to get on much. <3